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What is the best online money transfer platform for freelancers And bloggers?

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What is the best online money transfer platform for freelancers & bloggers?

If you are searching for the best online money transfer platform to send and receive the money in all the supported currencies then you are on the right page. here you can find the best platform for money transfer from all the counties. When thinking about earning money online then you will only get to hear blogging, freelancing, and marketing. These are the genuine way of earning money online.
Today most of the individual is doing it and if you think that you should do it too then you are right. You can anytime start to earn money online. The core part of earning money online is how to get your payments from companies and clients.

In most of the cases, you will be dealing with foreign companies and individuals. So they send payments in a different currency and you will have to receive it in your country currency. So you need a best and secure platform to perform money transaction.
Finding a money transfer platform can be a bit confusing as all the companies promise to provide the best services but when you try it then you may not be fully satisfied. so to get you out from this situation I have come with the detailed review on which is the best online money transfer platform?

Which is the best online money transfer platform?

Most of the time you have heard of PayPal as the best online money transfer platform. Yes, of course, it is the best and secure company to transfer funds between other countries. But when you will be using it for sometime then you will realize that it has some restriction and lack some features. You have to pay a fee when you will receive the money from international clients and also from the same country. This is the biggest drawback of PayPal you will notice.

There are many companies other than PayPal. I have mentioned the best platform recommended by professionals. Payoneer is recommended as the best platform to send and receive money from all over the world. Let's know in detail about why it is the best and what features it is providing.

What is a payoneer online money transfer?

Payoneer is an online money transfer platform company. the payoneer company was founded in 2005. Over the years it has gained support from all over the world. Payoneer promised to provide world-class features to it users. the company is providing some amazing features. Payoneer also has the feature of MasterCard which is very useful for bloggers as well as freelancers.
Let know the features of Payoneer online money transfer platform.
Best features of Payoneer
1. free 25$ signup bonus Who doesn’t love to get free money? payoneer is giving a free signup bonus of 25$ on creating a new account. to get the free signup bonus you will have to create a valid Payoneer account and then you will be rewarded with a 25$ bonus in your account.
2. no extra fee on money transfer In PayPal, you are charged whenever you will receive money in your account. you have to pay 3% of the amount you will receive in your account. this is the only reason why Payoneer is widely preferred. In payoneer, you don't have to pay anything extra other than the fee for converting one currency to other currency. Payoneer has various Fees here which you can take a look at.
3. Payoneer Prepaid MasterCard If you have a valid Payoneer account then you can request for a prepaid MasterCard in which you will have to load money from wallet to use it on shopping or to cash out from nearby ATMs.
4. fast money transfer and withdrawal In PayPal when you receive your money, you have to wait for at least for 3 days to get your money in your bank account. in today's world times is money and it is a bit slow to get money transferred. Payoneer is build to provide the fastest service to transfer your money within minutes and then you can get it in your bank account within 2-4 hours minimum. This is the most amazing service which makes Payoneer the most preferable.
5. supported all over the world Today Payoneer is supported all over the world. This increases the scope in freelancing and blogging as it provides a medium between other countries to find job opportunities and easily get paid through Payoneer platform. It is the most secure and easy way to send and receive money all across the world.
6. used by multinational companies Companies like youtube, google ads, freelancer, Fiverr, work and many more companies which provides Payoneer medium to get paid from the companies. It makes very simple to get paid without any kind of scams.

Now we have seen all the amazing features and services of Payoneer online money transfer platform company. the company has the trust of millions of bloggers and freelancers and it is one of the best platforms to send and receive payments in your own country currency without any kind of hassle. I myself have shifted from PayPal to Payoneer platform for getting all my payments and it saves me a lot of time cutting the need to wait for too long to receive the payments.

Other than just sending and receiving the payments you can also earn from the Payoneer company. the company has an affiliate program from which you can earn a commission for referring anyone. You will get paid when someone will signup for the account using your Payoneer affiliate link. So now you know what makes Payoneer as the best online money transfer for bloggers and freelancers. 

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